At Vivaldi's, we pride ourselves in providing a selection of wines that compliment our cuisine, while also providing good value to the customer. In Italy, wine IS food. You will note that our wine list has the Italian classice but also provides variety through selections from other great wine producing countries. Below are brief descriptions on the different types of wines.

A yeast and sugar solution is added to dry table wine to create the best of the sparkling wines. The wine is then sealed for secondary fermentation. Genuine Champagne has to be the perfect example of sparkling wine.

White Wine
Surprisingly, white wine can be made from white or black grapes, as all grapes are colourless initially.
White wine styles vary from bone dry to golden sweet. Good dry whites are those made from Muscadet and Verdicchio grapes; or for something a bit tangier, the warm Sauvignon Blanc grape is a reliable choice. For richer, nutty tasting whites, you can try a blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. Ripe, tropical flavoured whites are particularly worth investigating, such as the Chardonnay grape. Also, you could try or sample an Alsace Gewvrztraminer, delicious aromatic and most taste-pleasing spiciness.

Red Wine
Red wine is made from black grapes that are fermented with the skin. Wine producers worldwide are constantly developing reds that are smoother and juicier. Styles range from light and refreshing to sweet and robust. Enjoy a full flavoured, intense, black-currant red produced from Cabernet Sauvignon grape. If you are searching for a silkier, more mellow ambiance, try the raspberry flavours of the Pinot Noir grape. You won't be disappointed.

Cellar Selections
(Available by the bottle only)

Other Countries

Other Countries


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